Asset Impact launches new data module for financial institutions, enabling more precise carbon accounting by emissions scope

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PARIS, September 20, 2023 – Asset Impact, a subsidiary of GRESB and a trailblazer in creating forward-looking climate profiles for investable companies and their physical assets, has launched a new product module that breaks down a company's current and future emissions into their respective scopes 1, 2, and 3.

"We’re excited to be taking our global asset-based data solution to the next level by calculating the volume and distribution of greenhouse gas emissions across each scope for the most carbon-intensive companies in a portfolio,” said Noémie Klein, CEO of Asset Impact. “Getting this level of data granularity is critical to setting sectoral decarbonization targets, and having the data collected, processed and normalized in one place is a significant step forward, particularly when looking to report on financed emissions in line with PCAF.”

The new ‘Emissions Scopes’ module builds on Asset Impact’s core data offering, which provides financial institutions and asset owners with transparent climate and finance indicators of the roughly 62,000 companies and quarter-million physical assets in the most carbon-intensive sectors. Taken together, these companies and their assets account for 75 percent of global emissions.

While climate-critical sectors are often poorly covered by standard data providers that use inconsistent and opaque corporate reporting and sector average proxies, Asset Impact’s approach is bottom-up, collecting asset-level emissions data for 250,000 individual assets and then aggregating them at the company level, in respect to the assets’ ownership structure.

“Too often, companies omit critical environmental indicators in their own disclosures and fail to report the origins of emissions across the company tree,” added Klein. “Because of this, it’s vital that financial institutions have access to transparent climate data that is broken down by scope in a consistent format and methodology. When you add forward-looking indicators, you’re now able to perform a series of advanced scenario analyses with much more confidence.”

The Emissions Scope module is the latest addition to Asset Impact's set of advanced indicators. Emissions Scope is available alongside other modules that offer advanced insights into financial consolidation, company matching and extended time horizons.

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About Asset Impact

Asset Impact is a mission-driven specialist provider of climate data and analytics used by financial institutions to set the global economy on a path toward net zero emissions. The asset-based products cover the most carbon-intensive sectors of the global economy and map more than 295,000 physical assets across nine industry sectors – linked to more than 62,000 listed and private companies – to issued securities. Asset Impact is part of GRESB, the ESG benchmark for real assets.

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