How Asset-Level Data Enhances Sustainable Finance

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In a recent talk hosted by the Oxford Sustainable Finance Student Society, Dr. Alex Clark, Asset Impact’s Research Director, shed light on the transformative potential of asset-level data in addressing the shortcomings of current emissions and production data and its pivotal role in guiding the evolution of sustainable finance.

It can be hard to establish a clear link between financial activities and direct impact on the real economy. High-quality data is not the whole answer, but it's an important part of it. Conventional reported emissions data is incomplete and inconsistent, based on opaque estimations and assumptions. This makes transparency and comparability a challenge.

Asset Impact's asset-level and asset-based data solutions offer a granular, detailed picture of the environmental footprint of a financial portfolio by linking individual assets like coal mines, power plants, and ships, to their corporate owners. This level of specificity allows for a much more comprehensive – and internally consistent – assessment of the environmental consequences of financial decisions than would otherwise be possible.

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