Our Data in Action: State and Trends of Spatial Finance 2023

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Asset Impact recognized in Spatial Finance Initiative's State and Trends of Spatial Finance 2023 report

We are excited to share that Asset Impact was recently acknowledged in the Spatial Finance Initiative's latest "State and Trends of Spatial Finance" report as one of the first players to link asset-level operational data to location and ownership across sectors. Our approach was recognized for enabling financial institutions to perform environmental and climate asset-based analysis.

This report highlights the strong potential for new and more spatial finance applications, especially in the area of green finance, with geospatial data and analytics poised to play a crucial role in supporting financial institutions in regaining credibility and turning green finance theory into practice.

The report also emphasizes that asset-level data is critical to make geospatial datasets relevant for financial institutions. That is why we are proud to be a pioneer in the asset-level data space and we are committed to continuing to develop innovative solutions that help our clients and the financial sector achieve their climate and sustainability goals.

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