Our Data in Action: TD Bank's 2022 Climate Action Plan

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TD Bank announces new interim targets for 2030 for automotive manufacturing and aviation sectors

TD Bank recently published its “2022 Climate Action Plan: Report on Progress and Update on TCFD” report. In addition to the bank’s existing 2030 financed emissions targets for the energy and power sectors, the report announces new interim targets for 2030 for two additional sectors: automotive manufacturing and aviation. The new interim targets are in line with the International Energy Agency (IEA)’s Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario, and bring TD Bank’s coverage of its financed emissions footprint through lending to carbon-intensive sectors to 89%.

Asset Impact data from across six of the nine sectors we cover is one of the primary sources underpinning TD Bank’s four sectoral decarbonization targets. Our data also informs client-level calculations. In line with our vision to drive emissions reductions in the real economy, our data helps TD Bank to support its clients’ efforts to drive their own decarbonization and that of the wider economy. We are proud to support TD Bank's efforts to advance a sustainable and inclusive future.

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Read the full report: 2022 TD's Climate Action Plan | Report on Progress and Update on TCFD